Why Blog?

So I am well aware that it is completely cliché for brides to blog about their own weddings. Yes it is fun to share your wedding planning with the world and yes it is a great memory to have later when you have been married 10 years and want to look back on the fun you had and I would be lying if I said that a small part of me doesn’t like blogging for that specific reason. But the main reason is to share my wedding planning with those closest to me that can’t be part of every event. I have several bridesmaids who live out of state or have jobs that will hinder them from always being around.  Those handful of women that have put up with me for years and still love me just the same. Although planning your wedding is about celebrating the love between you and your fiance it is also about enjoying time with the women closest to you and preparing to join the married world. Rest assured ladies you will have to see me just as often after I get married so if this is your way of getting rid of me, it won’t work, you are stuck with me for good.

So who are these wonderful, beautiful, fantastic women I speak of…. well let me introduce you.

Lynnette – She has been one of my closest friend for 22 years so she knows she is pretty much stuck with me. She is currently a flight attendant which makes her hours a little unpredictable.

Katlyn – Little sister and BFF. Even though we don’t always see eye to eye she is the first phone call I make and is always there when I need her.

Anna – College Best Friend. We grew up in the same hometown and have known each other since high school. We didn’t become close until college but once we did we discovered we were meant to be friends. She also unfortunately lives in Montana…. Anna Montana.

Lisa – Older Sister. She has been a wonderful example of marriage for me since she got married in 2003 and has produced the most beautiful flower girl and ring bearer for me. 🙂 She also lives in Wisconsin 5 hours away.

Danielle – My honorary little sister. Yes I’m aware I do have a little sister already but I don’t think you can have too many sisters. They are great clothing resources and are always dependable. She is getting married this summer and I can’t wait to join her in her journey.

Honorable mentions:

Laura – A new friend. I have known Laura since I was in high school she is a close friend of Katlyn and Danielle and over the last few years has been a great friend to me. She will be a greeter at the wedding.

Justina – My future niece … who is also 2 weeks younger than me. lol My fiance is about 9 years older than me and the baby of the family. I have quickly become friends with Justina and can’t wait to have her also be a greeter.

Allinna – My niece! She is a lover or cardigans, shoes and animals. Pretty much a 4-year-old version of me and I am completely head over heels for her.

Jody- My mother.  She is also another great example of a wonderful marriage she has been married for….. *cough* years. Your welcome mom! She is also always been a great advocate for her daughters and I am so looking forwarding to sharing in this special time with her.

So for these special nine women in my life I will be documenting events and getting their input on my wedding planning over the next 13 months. I know it sounds long but from what I hear it will go by quickly. ❤

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