Wedding Planning Probation

As many of you know I’m a planner. Always have been, always will be. Planning is sort of my thing and not having things planned out right away stresses me out.  What I have learned though is apparently me having things planned out stresses other people out. Hence my wedding planning probation. I got engaged in September and by February I had the reception location booked, the ceremony location booked , the DJ booked, photographer booked and the caterer booked.  Apparently that was enough wedding planning for my poor fiance and maid of honor. So I was told that I needed to take a break from the wedding planning.  As of memorial day weekend I will be back on the planning path starting with trying on wedding dresses for the first time!

Since most of you are not fully aware of the selections I have already made below are the details:

Ceremony Location: Black Bear Crossing on the Lake

This to me was a no brainier. I have wanted to get married here since I was young and Kyle runs here every week so it has special meaning for both of us.  It also has the most beautiful view, great place for pictures, and is right inside Como park.  I couldn’t imagine a more perfect place to get married.

Reception Location: Landmark Center

immediately after getting engaged I had a handful of places I thought would be great but none of them were as perfect as the Landmark Center. I thought about it right away, it’s where my bridesmaid Lynnette got married and it was a beautiful ceremony. I knew that my wedding guest list was going to be on the high side so I needed a location that could accommodate up to 200+ people. Once I met with the event coordinator there I knew this was the place. I of course had to check with Lynnette to make sure I wasnt stealing her thunder and she said she couldn’t be more excited about my choice.

DJ- Instant Request

I found instant request DJ service on TheKnot. They have won Minnesota bride best of eight years in a row. They also provide a digital event planner that allows you to customize the music for the night based on your suggestions. They let you choose what songs need to be played, what can be, and what should not be played under any circumstance…. I like big butts come to anyone’s mind? They also were incredibly easy to work with and came highly recommended from a fellow co-worker.

Caterer – Chef Jeff

So I will be totally honest the food at weddings has never really  been a make or break for me. Unless you are willing to spend a fortune you really never notice the difference. Wedding food is wedding food.  So it wasn’t really a high priority for me. I chose to meet with the landmark center in-house caterer Chef Jeff and I was so pleasantly surprised. He was an Italian man who had two daughters of his own and so he understood the stress of marring off your daughter. He also sang during the taste testing and I instantly had a connection. Not to mention that fact that the food is amazing. I would tell you the delicious food I decided on but I want you all to be surprised.

photography Sunset Blue Productions

Photography is one of the few things I refuse to skimp on. As many of you who know my family know that we are picture fanatics. We come back from vacations with thousands of pictures….. literally. So I knew that this one was going to require a lot of research. I wanted something that was different so I decided first off that I wanted someone who did photo journalistic photos. Another big thing for me was cinematography. Cinematography is different because it not only covers your wedding day but creates a video that makes you feel as if you are living through it again and that is exactly what I wanted. I found sunset blue on TheKnot as well and completely loved their work as well as their trailers. They were the ones, I just knew it. I scheduled a meeting to connect and everything just felt right. Check out their amazing trailers Here! They make me cry every time.

That’s it, it’s not so much is it??? Stay tuned for my upcoming wedding dress shopping weekend!

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