What Your Fridge Says About You

This weekend I am procrastinating from doing any further wedding planning and I couldn’t help but walk past my fridge and laugh about what my fridge would say about me to a stranger. So I stood in front of my fridge and performed a psychoanalysis.

Items on my fridge clockwise:

1. A Bridesmaid Invitation +1 for friendship

2. Chalet Dental Magnet +1 for responsibility

3. Halloween  Photo Strip  +1 for friendship, -1 for maturity

4. Claire & Eddie Save the Date Magnet from 2009  +1 for friendship

5. Birthday Card +1 friendship , +1 pet lover

6. Couple Photo Strip +1 for love

7. ASPCA Magnet +1 responsibility, +1 pet lover

8. Banfield Pet Hospital Magnet  +1 pet lover

9. Dentist Appointment Reminder +1 responsibility

10. Chino Latino Magnet ummm…. +1 for fun -> does this count if it’s not mine ??

11. Birthday Card +1 for friendship

12. Compost Guide +1 for environment lover

13. Bridal Shower invite +1 friendship

14. Framed Picture +1 love

15. Picture of Future in-laws +1 for family

16. My Sisters Drug Test Verification (for a job:) ) -1 maturity

17.  Christmas Card From my Friend Sent in May +1 friendship, -1 maturity

18. Drawing by my nephew +1 family

19.  Dont be an Ass Save the Date from Rob & Lesley +1 friendship, -1 maturity

Tally = Friendship +7, Responsibility +3, Maturity -4, Pet Lover +3, Love +2, Fun +1, Environment Lover +1, Family +2

Conclusion: I am an amazing friend, responsible pet lover who is also pretty immature but likes to have fun who values her family and the environment. Hmm… not too bad!

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