-1 Year Anniversary

Yes maybe its silly but I couldn’t have been more excited to celebrate our negative one year anniversary. What does that mean? Well since we have a rather long engagement ( 20 months) I wanted to celebrate that on June 15, 2012 we were one year away from becoming Mr. & Mrs. Gleason.

It was also an excuse to have a fun night away from the house!

The first stop was checking into our bed and breakfast for the night. I have never been to a bed and breakfast so I was a little nervous, a little excited but was so pleasantly surprised by how comfortable and warming it was. We stayed at the Ann Bean Mansion B&B in Stillwater, MN .

It was a wonderful experience, the rooms were beautiful, the view from the window was peaceful and quiet and the owners couldn’t be more accommodating and friendly. We had the pleasure of staying in Jacob’s room which was a great pick. It had a whirlpool right in the room as well as a fluffy king sized bed and fireplace. It also had a quiet nook for reading and comfy robs to lounge in. It had the perfect makings for a quiet relaxing night.

We also went to a restaurant I had never been to before. Having grown up in Stillwater its a little hard for people to understand when you haven’t been somewhere but I swear things change so quickly. So we chose to go to a quiet restaurant built into a cave called Luna Rossa. The food was amazing, the staff was fun and friendly and I have to admit I indulged on the chocolate lava cake and it was everything I wanted and more.

So there were two more stop on our trip to Stillwater and in my opinion this are two stops you can’t skip if you are in downtown Stillwater. Tremblay’s candy shop & Northern Vineyards. If you haven’t been there yet I definitely recommend it.

Once we were completed with our trip downtown we settled into our B&B and enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere. We woke up and enjoyed our 4 course breakfast that was unique, filling, and left you feeling as if you were starting the day off right.

We followed the day by going to one of my favorite events of the year the Stone Arch Festival which is mid June every year and I highly recommend it. All in All it was a perfect weekend!

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