Round Two: Weddding Dress Shopping

I will be totally honest finding a wedding dress is so much fun but I expected it to be a little easier. This is my second stop trying on dresses and I have found some great front-runners but I’m just not sure I have found “the one”. I found the perfect guy so why can’t I find the perfect dress????

What I will say though is that I am fortunate enough to have so many wonderful people in my life to be there to help me find the perfect dress. These are just a few of those wonderful women.

Perhaps I am being a little hard on myself and being a little too picky on finding a dress. Below are the front-runners from my second round of dress shopping. So let me know what you think!

Next stop is round three, I’m hoping that I will find the perfect dress after this trip. I will also have our second round of bridesmaid dresses.  Even though every bridesmaid pretends to enjoy picking out dresses I know they are really just dreading having a horrible dress. This is how bridesmaids really feel about picking out dresses. But I love them for it 🙂

Thank you ladies and mom for putting up with this long ordeal and I apologize in advance for what is to come, we do after all still have 11 months till the big day!

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