On the 4th of July it was almost 100 degrees out so I wasn’t really excited about spending the day outside melting like a Popsicle.  So why not do something fun in the nice cool air conditioning of a store. And what could be more fun than shopping without actually having to buy anything? So that’s exactly what we did. We registered.  Even though I can tell Kyle secretly enjoyed it I couldn’t help but laugh when he said this was some way to spend his “Independence Day”.

I have to admit registering is fun but its also more stressful than I anticipated. I have spent the last year being thrifty and found that I can no longer choose a more expensive option over the cheaper alternative which actually makes registering somewhat difficult. We had two main challenges… aside from Kyle’s inability to want new things. 😛 First was choosing the dinnerware which when you actually look at the options most of them are quiet girly, and second the bedding which again most are pretty girly. We did eventually come up with options for each which was a good exercise at compromising.

We registered so far at two places. Macy’s and Bed, Bath and Beyond. I’m sorry Macy’s but Bed, Bath and Beyond was so much more fun. First of all Macy’s appliance and cookware section completely confusing. We search for 20 minutes to find blenders, which if you notice did not end up on our registry due to my future husbands unexpected intense criteria for a new blender, at the end of it all the blenders ended up being at the very front of the store no where near the other appliance. Not impressed Macy’s, not impressed.  It was fun though to pick out a few luxuries and to receive our first wedding present off our registry. A gift purchased by us. 🙂 Turns out even when we try not to be frugal we still are since our bowls were on clearance and the only 6 in MN happened to be at that location, so we made our first purchase for our future married life!

We also made one unexpected stop to Kay Jewelery where we eyed up wedding rings and at an impulse, purchased our wedding rings. Which made the wedding even though its 11 months away still seem very real and close. FINALLY!

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