Wedding Craft Weekend

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again weddings are about bonding with friends and family. I mean yes of course the actually wedding celebration is about the unbreakable bond that you and your future husband will create that is obviously clear. But the whole process of getting things ready for the wedding should be the best form of appreciating close friends and family that are there to support you and your future fiance in your life together.  I say this because I feel so fortunate to have such wonderful people in my life that are willing to give up their weekends to craft for my wedding. Although I am very behind on writting these posts I am so greatful for those close to me.

Here are my busy bees at work:


Working hard on my guest book design.


working on the guest Book and card box


Wine charm sweatshop workers 🙂


Very happy workers though!


Innocent bystandard trapped into participating in wedding craft weekend.

Although not everything was finished. There will need to be a few more wedding craft weekends in the next couple months we did have some great success.


Card box


Guest book -> photobooth photo scrapbook

And perhaps their was one minor casualty.


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