Hair Accessories

Recently I went to pick up my wedding dress. For some reason it is a very weird feeling knowing the most important dress of your life is simply hanging in your closet for you to view at any time. It makes the wedding seem very real and very close!  SO while I was trying on the dress before it found its way home I also entertained a very options for veils and hair accessories. I have decided that I do want a long veil. What I havent decided on is the accessories.





Here is an idea of what I want my hair to look like on the big day. Something soft and romantic. I love the idea of having my hair frame my face but lets be realistic here it is going to be in June and I do get sweaty so it has to be off my neck and shoulders.

The general look is going to be a mix of diamonds and pearls. So here are a few options.







A very vintage look?


large and sparkly?


A little bling a little pearl?


small and simple?


roses and pearls -> this may be my favorite

Cast your votes and let me know what you think!

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