Ordering the Dresses

Over Christmas ( yes I am very behind on my posts) was the perfect opportunity to make sure all the girls were measured and their dresses were purchased. It was so nice to have a majority of my favorite ladies all in one place. I do after all have a very geographically diverse bridal party. 🙂


Laura, Lisa, Anna, Dani and Katlyn

For the record none of these are the actual color of the dress.

I was also joined by my beautiful and sweet flower girl Alli, that had recently decided to cut herself some bangs. 🙂  As soon as she got to the Wedding Shoppe Inc. she was ready to try on flower girl dresses. IMG_3990

Event though she already has a dress picked out and bought the attendants at the shop were nice enough to pull a handful of dresses for her to try on. All in all it was a wonderful day!



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