Wine Weekend

“The love of a family is life’s greatest blessing” and I am very blessed. My Aunt Michelle has always told me that when I get married I HAVE to make my own wine at Wine Creations. So now that I’m getting married we decided to make a weekend of it.  The four of us ( Dani, Katy, Mom and myself) loaded up the car and drove to Duluth to meet my aunts and cousins.  It was so much fun to not only bottle the wine myself but to also include my family in the wedding plans. We all had a great time relaxing and enjoying each others company.


Heading to Duluth


Dani, Katy and I outside of the Wine Creations building


Washing the Bottles with Michelle, Gail, Dani, Myself and Shelly


Putting the corks in is my Aunt Michelle’s favorite part


First bottle is corked… peach chardonnay yum!


Putting the washed bottles on the drying rack was the scariest part


The staff was so helpful and fun!


Putting the corks in


Testing the wine with Danielle


Katlyn and Michelle putting the labels on. I am so lucky to have my own personal designer


Melting the wine seal. The hardest part for me.


My mom did a great job!



The Finished Product

This was so much fun and at such a reasonable price, I might have to make it a annual tradition.

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