Invitation Party!

I come from a very crafty family that would prefer to do things themselves than to have someone else do it. So of course the invitations were no exception. I had such amazingly talented help that it was well worth it and was a lot of fun.

The day started off at Anchor Paper Co who when you purchase your paper from them allows you to use any of their dozens of die cuts for free.
My dad had to stop by to pick up samples of the paper and ended up staying to use the die cut. He secretly… or not so secretly LOVED it. And had to stay a little longer to try out other die cuts.

It took roughly 90 minutes to cut, fold and trim ( due to the alterations we made to the original die cut) each of the 140 invitations.IMG_4013

Lots of amazing helpers to do one of the many tasks involved in hand making your invitations. It was awesome to share this time with those closest to me. Laura is on address duty while Ben is patiently cutting out the inserts. IMG_4014

Jennifer and Danielle working on assembling the finished invitations.IMG_4015

Diane and Katy cut out 560 pieces of inserts and invitations… because they love me. Otherwise there is no way I could get them to spend this much time on my invitations. IMG_4016

Had to put in a shot with myself so you didn’t assume that I just watched everyone else work. šŸ™‚IMG_4017

My future hubby working hard. IMG_4019

Getting close to being done.. whew! They are looking amazing!IMG_4020

Kyle created his own station in the living room, surprising. lolIMG_4021

The finish product. They couldn’t have turned out better. IMG_4025

Thank you to my fantastic graphic designer Katlyn for all her hard work and talent.IMG_4026 IMG_4027

All addressed,assembled and ready to stamp and mail. IMG_4029 Goodbye invitations! IMG_4033 IMG_4034

Thank you so much to those that helped me put them together. I feel truly blessed to have such wonderful people in my life who care so much about me and who I can share in this wonderful time with.

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