Wonder-About-Gleasonland – Part 1

I’m a lucky girl. I was not only blessed with a wonderful family but I am also lucky enough to have found a wonderful man who loves me and with him comes fantastic future in-laws.  I am so excited to join the Gleason family, they have made me feel so welcome and at home.  For those of you who know me, you know that I love themed parties. I have found the perfect family to join.


When I entered the shower I was immediately handed a drink in my very own special glass. Hand painted to match the ” Alice in Wonderland” theme with the words ” Kyle’s queen of hearts”.

Kyle's Queen of Hearts

I was also given an apron so I would fit in with the theme.


Some of the other tea party guests…








What would a shower be without some games.

Bake a cake without a recipe…. Clearly I have no idea how to do that.


And 5 minutes later….. still no idea. DSC00661

A glimpse into living as a 1940’s wife and a modern day wife. DSC06051DSC06067Now it’s time for the mom’s to play the tea pots.


They were good sports. DSC06072

And Presents. I had the best little helper. My niece and flowergirl Alli.



And a very thoughtful gift. DSC06094

A custom monopoly game of Kyle and I. ( I collect monopoly games)


This was above and beyond the most amazing shower I could have asked for. Thank you to everyone for all you have done. I am so lucky!

Click here to see more shower photos.

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