My Bridal Horoscope

I don’t actually believe in horoscopes but who doesn’t find it fun to look anyways. It all started when one day I was in half price books which is one of my favorite stores. As any bride would do I wandered into the wedding section. That’s where I found Wedding Feng Shui – The Chinese horoscopes guide to planning your wedding.  Obviously I bought it , so let’s see what it says.

Wedding Feng Shui -

About the Bride – I’m an enforcer bride :). I have the patience for the long road that is wedding planning, and I perform well under pressure. I’m drawn to family tradition and classic styles, I do my research, identify my preferences and set the direction of my wedding very quickly. I am unlikely to change my mind. I have a clear vision for my wedding and it will come together exactly the way I pictured it down to every exact detail.  I have a close inner circle of friends. Most likely a mixture of family and longtime friends. I have little patience for drama and try to keep it at a minimal. The hardest thing for me in coordinating my wedding will be sharing responsibility with others. My inclination is to do things on my own and not ask for help. My strengths are honesty, dedication and organization. Your biggest area to work on is communication. Since you have such a clear idea of what you want, it is easy for only criticism to come out of your mouth.

This actually couldn’t be more true. I love to plan parties and a wedding is just a giant party. I have a hard time not being part of planning my own showers so asking people to do things for me is in fact my biggest weakness.

The Dress- Simplicity and tradition draw you to elegant dresses that make strong foundations for great accessories or your grandmothers string of pearls. You especially like pieces of high quality and lasing style, so that you can pass on the investment to future generations.

My main goal in picking my dress was to find something timeless. 🙂

The Bride and Groom – You found a lover not a fighter in your fiance. while you can sometimes be too serious for your own good, he has a knack for putting things into context. Without fail, whether you like it or not, he always has a different perspective on your problems. He is the only person who you can be weak in front of and come away stronger than before. In you he has found a women who understand his softer side and can motivate him to realize his bigger dreams. In him you have found both a lover and a best friend.

Kyle is my best friend and we bring out a side of one another that enhances who we are without diminishing the people we are. He is the best thing that has every happened to me. ❤

The Bride and Maid of Honor – Not many people can visualize the benefits and get excited about the long road to get there, but the two of you can. Fortunately there wont be many disagreements along the way because you are both too reasonable to bother yourselves with that nonsense. However, don’t be too surprised if they are quick to grab some credit here or there. They have bigger egos then you.

The Bride and Matron of Honor– She can motivate you by being on time and planning ahead, which can be a nice source of support. Having someone else keep you on track is actually a welcome change for you. The person is a great messenger for a reserved enforcer bride.

This gave me the biggest laugh. It is so true. These are both my sisters and they completely fit our relationships.

Like I said as much as I don’t rely much on horoscopes it’s still o’ so fun to look at. 🙂

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