Retro Bridal Shower – Part 2

The shower was amazing but what really made it memorable was the wonderful ladies that came to celebrate. There are so few times in your life where all your favorite women from different times in your life are in the same place. Thank you all of you, I love you very much!

1 - Copy

My Netty and her adorable niece Abbie. 4 - Copy

Momaroo and lou.DSC00763 - Copy

Katy Nana and Allianna. IMG_4188

IMG_4190 IMG_4191

Laura, Katlyn and Dani.IMG_4192

The Jerry bunch.


My cousin and her step-mother. Was so happy they could make it!IMG_4197

I have no idea what I’m talking about but all their faces are pretty hilarious.IMG_4196

Neighbor Kathy!


Look at this happy group of wonderful ladies. DSC00774 - CopyDSC00799 - Copy DSC00782 - Copy

Aw…. Grandma Jerry. DSC00785 - Copy

Netty and Angela, half of the pregnant bunch  🙂 DSC00786 - Copy

My favorite co-workers…. well ex-coworkers 🙂 DSC00822


My beautiful little sister… with the cake she made.


My favorite people!


Carol, Kim and Karen.
DSC00781 - Copy

Kids table. What well behaved young ladies.DSC00772 - Copy 2 - Copy DSC00765 - Copy

And of course there were gifts :

DSC00794 - Copy DSC00795 - CopyDSC00797 - Copy DSC00799 - Copy

Some people stray from the registry. I myself am always a strayer.

DSC00806 - Copy

Adorable apron made for me by Lou’s Mother.

DSC00819 - Copy

Wine basket from Netty. So special and wonderful. Each had a note included for the occasion in which is was to be consumed.


IMG_4250 IMG_4249

She wrapped the wedding night bottle of champagne in left over fabric from her veil. SO SWEET!IMG_4247

Minnesota House Wife Apron


Love Bird Salt and Pepper Shakers. Adorable!

And pretty sure the cutest wash towels I have ever seen!!!! IMG_4262 IMG_4263 IMG_4264

Thank you Alli for my oh so fantastic hedgehog measuring cups. IMG_4268

It was a day to remember with wonderful people. Thank you all!

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