Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something… Pink


I felt extremely prepared for motherhood. I had read all the books, I had the nursery perfectly organized and had my bag packed months ahead of time. What I wasn’t prepared for was that the  old saying “Nothing prepares you for being a parent” was completely true. I say this because even though I had purchased all the right things and researched the most baby friendly product I was still way over my head.

First of all my little baby girl that I welcomed into the world two weeks early just wasn’t ready to be nursed right away. So I had to pump and feed her with a bottle…. but because I was so convinced that I would breastfeed with no problems I had no bottles.  I also found that although I had purchased the perfect nursing pillow I found that since she was so petite the breastfriend pillow was way better for her size.

At 6lbs 5 ounces, she was smaller then the average baby. I had always been told to not purchase tons of newborn items because most babies rarely use any newborn clothing and some babies never even fit into newborn clothing from the beginning… my baby at 7 weeks was just growing out of her newborn clothing. So we had to a few extra purchases of newborn outfits and newborn diapers. This is where I discovered that although I had stocked up on the fancy eco-friendly diapers, the generic target brand was our favorite.

We also had no idea what we were having. We left it to be a complete surprise.  I accepted baby girl and boy clothes from friends and coworkers which put my over organizing self at ease.  when she was finally here I was so grateful to have those items, and it didn’t matter one bit that they weren’t new.  Infants grow out of their clothing so fast that finding clothes are garage sales, borrow clothing from friends, shopping at consignment shops and on sale at my favorite stores was totally worth it. She has an amazing closet full of adorable clothing.

And lastly for the first 5 weeks she refused to be put down for more than 20 minutes… anywhere. She did not like her ergobaby and the swing engulfed her since I am large chested.  It wasn’t until a friend borrowed me her side swing that I was finally able to give my arms a 30 minute break to oh.. lets say … shower :). It was a lifesaver.

My point here is that every baby is different, every baby has their own likes and dislikes. And you wont know what those are until they are here and it wont necessarily be what you like. I’m sure I will discover in a few months that although I have done all the research and purchased the best infant toys she may end up liking the loudest cheapest plastic toy from a garage sale.  And you know what… Ill be ok with that. Because when I look at my little baby and she is smiling back at me because she is content and happy I wont care.

So embrace experienced mothers advice, appreciate your friend’s gifts of their own lifesaving products, accept each others baby products because when you find something that works for your baby you will be so incredibly grateful.

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