Our Story

It only took dozens of dates, 4 failed relationships and 25 years to find the man I was meant to be with but trust me it was all worth it! I met Kyle like most adults now days at work. In most causes it’s not the most romantic story but I like to consider ours an exception. Kyle harbored a secret crush on me for months and would come provide me with help and direction at work. There was a new position available at work and he would continue to encourage me to apply. I didn’t really know him well so I assumed he was doing it to be encouraging little did I know it was to get to know me better. Needless to say I accepted the new position which gave me the opportunity to get to know him better.  Months later Kyle asked me if I had ever been to a corn maze, I hadn’t and was thrilled at the idea of going so we made a plan to meet and go together. I will say I never considered this a date but word to the wise its a great date night and super fun to go to at any age. We spent hours there talking and traveling through the maze. Kyle will tell you that his favorite part was watching me get as excited as the kids around the petting zoo. I’m telling you it super fun, I couldn’t help myself. So the day ended and so did our chance at romance. I told Kyle I wasnt interested in an office romance when we work so closely together. So we left it at that. Six months later I switched departments and thought to myself “hmm….. I had a great time with Kyle maybe we should hang out again” so I sent him the infamous IM “would you maybe want to hang out again?” I continue to get this IM on all our anniversaries. Obviously he said “yes” and we made plans to hang out. Things went quickly after that and we soon discovered we were a great match.  Only six months later at the exact same corn maze that we had gone to a year earlier he proposed to me and asked me to spend the rest of our lives together  and I of course said “Yes!” and on June 15th 2013 I plan to go from Miss Myrvold to Mrs. Gleason

You can also get more information on our upcoming wedding at our website http://myrvoldgleason.ourwedding.com/

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