My Quotable Family

Every family has its only personal touches, mine is no different. I thought it would be selfish of me to keep them to myself so here are quotes from my family:

“I’m concerned that all these Disney princess’s come with their pet except Belle. Her’s comes with the Beast. Doesn’t anyone else find that disturbing??” – Myself regarding my 5 year old nieces Disney princess play pack.

“Being part of the Myrvold family is a commitment similar to being in the National Guard. ” – My husband

” You are making us all fat. In the last eighteen years I have gained 170 lbs that’s 10 lbs a year” – My 18 year old brother to my mother.

“My dad is going to be the next cake boss of photo booths” – My sister on my dads

Nicolas fell asleep and when he work he said “what, what happened?”
My dads response. “Dani got pregnant.” ( Dani is over 9 months pregnant)

“Are those Obama’s kids next to him?”
“Dad those kids are white”
“Well I don’t know”

In the exact same day – Proof my dad really doesn’t see color.

” She looks just like Lucy Lou”
” Is she Asian? ”
” Lucy Lou is Asian?”
” Ya Dad”

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