Wedding Dress Shopping

Your wedding dress is something you think about your whole life. Its something women plan from a very young age and let’s be honest its one of the main attractions at any wedding. It’s also one of the first things that needs to be decided before you can plan your flowers, the bridesmaid dresses or the grooms tux.  It is in my opinion the most important, and the most expensive, dress you will buy in your life. Luckily I had excellent help.

The day I went shopping for my wedding dress also happened to be my birthday so it was a double exciting day.  Once awoken by my niece and nephew I was presented with a heartwarming gift from my bridesmaids and mother. A “bridal day” bag which included a Tiffany blue bag, a diamond sash, flowers for my hair and/or dress, sparkly high heel shoes and ring pops. It was the perfect way to start the day out.

So after we were all ready to go we headed out to My Fair Bridal Shop located in Janesville, MN.

We walked into the cute quiet bridal shop and instantly started grabbing our favorites off the racks. Katy and my mom both insisting that I try on at least one that they picked out themselves. Which I did….. I was open to try on whatever dress they wanted but we all know that I have a pretty strong vision already so I knew exactly what kind of dress I wanted. Not every dress was a winner. Below are some of the dresses I tried on that wont be my number one picks but all very beautiful.

It’s not very hard to tell what my family thinks of the dresses I try on since none of us have a very great poker face.

I tried on about a dozen dresses. After the first handful Alli decided that she wanted to help me get dressed which was the cutest thing to watch. You can tell she is so excited by the beautiful sparkly dresses and that she is happy to be part of the dress shopping day. Not every dress had the stamp of approval by all parties but there were two that made the cut. Feel free to comment on which one is your favorite. I still plan to try on more dresses until I’m absolutely sure but opinions are very welcome!

Obviously you don’t get to see me in it yet, have to wait till the big day. If you want to look at the dresses closer they can be found here. Dress #1 & Dress #2. I’ll also be totally honest and say that they look completely different on me then on the mannequin. 🙂


All in all it was a pretty great day!

Bridesmaid Dresses

Choosing bridesmaids dresses is almost as important as choosing your wedding dress. There are so many options and so many things to consider. You aren’t just picking something you like, your choosing a dress that all your bridesmaids like, something that fits the theme of your wedding and hopefully if you are like me choosing something that all your bridesmaids are going to look gorgeous in. It’s a hard thing to do. I had the pleasure of going bridesmaid dress shopping take 1 this weekend with 3 out of 5 of my amazing bridesmaids as well as my mother and flower girl Alli. Although I didn’t fall madly in love with any of the dresses there, it was an experience that will stay with me forever. This is just one of many experiences and memories I hope to share with these ladies as well as my other two unforgettable bridesmaids.  So like I said I didn’t find anything that I felt everyone would love but I feel like I’m getting closer. Here are the top three choices so please cast your vote.

Just so that you keep this in mind the dresses that were tried on were obviously not the correct color.

The colors for the wedding are: Mauve, lavender & Cream.

So after trying on about a dozen different bridesmaid dress… well having them try on a dozen dresses. We decided that it was clear that the dresses needed to be free-flowing, soft, and romantic. Perfectly fitted for the type of wedding Kyle and I want to have.

Before you start wondering about poor Alli who had to sit through dress after dress after dress. Which I will say that she was so wonderfully behaved and excited to be part of girls day. She did in fact try on her own dress, hand picked by her.

 She enjoyed trying on her dress just as much as I did. Her only response when she had to take it off was ” You mean I don’t get to take it home with me?”. I can’t wait untill she gets to pick out her dress and just like me can’t wait to take her perfect dress home with her.

Thank you to all my bridesmaids, my mother and Alli for making it such a special day. Wedding dress pictures to come!