Celebrating My Retirement From Crazy Cat Lady Status – aka Bachelorette Party

I started the day out the perfect way. By proudly displaying my cat lady shirt and necklace.


I have so many wonderful ladies in my life it was so nice to have a fun relaxing dinner and slumber party to reminise about all the great times we have had over the years.


Like any great night out should start, we got ready at my house. And in sequins of course!

pic IMG_0072
DSC01037 DSC01036
DSC01039 DSC01034 4

My wonderful sisters…. I was so glad lisa was able to make it!


Off to Chino Latino we go…. this was my first experience at Chino so I was pretty excited.

We met up with Justina and Lynnette. So all my favorite ladies were there…. Anna you were there in spirit! 936144_662583033768862_734270172_n 179705_662615440432288_1244149291_n
What sisters don’t take a self taken in the unisex bathroom…. totally normal.

My drink bubbled which made it just 10x more fun than an ordinary drink.

DSC01051DSC01045 DSC01047
Sexy Katy.. 🙂
IMG_4312 IMG_0070
Enjoying the fun drinks, food and atmosphere.
IMG_4310Aww Im so happy to have my Netty with me!
IMG_4314Netty got this fortune which got a laugh from the whole group…. since she is in fact pregnant!
bachlorettesLeaving Chino’s to head to Katy’s for an old fashioned slumber party.
IMG_4318 DSC01057 DSC01056
Lots of snacks, great girls, great fun…. just like the old days. DSC01059 DSC01060
My parents made this cute paper purses filled with next day necessities. Eye drops, mints, binders, bobby pins, etc. It was very sweet and fun.
Cant wait to wear my new Mrs. Gleason robe!!! Thanks Danielle.
And the next morning. Im sure you have all seen and experiences this feeling. 🙂

Thank you everyone for a wonderful night. I am so happy to have such amazing women in my life that will be my lifelong friends.