Pinteresty Projects

Like most crafty people I have become really into Pinterest. It has brilliant and creative ideas.  Since every once in awhile a girl needs a distraction here are some of the recent projects I have recreated from Pinterest.

Dog Ice Treats

Freeze treats in a container and put outside for your pup to enjoy on a hot day. As you can see it was a big hit with Daisy, she enjoyed it till it was completely gone.

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Bookends from Brackets

I have a few old shelves that have become wasted space. When you have a small Saint Paul house every area is an opportunity to use the space more efficiently. I took a few corner brackets for shelves and screwed them into a bookshelf in order to create the perfect spot for my magazine and late night reading.

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Shoe Clips

Every girl has more shoes than she needs and I was quickly running out of space for mine. I decided that instead of buying more shoes I would just decorate the ones I had. After a quick trip to Michaels I ended up making roughly 10 sets of shoe clips for under $50.

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Home Made Chalkboard

Make your own chalkboard with plywood. I purchased chalk paint, a frame and plywood to make this super easy grocery list chalkboard. Simple spray paint the chalk paint onto plywood and frame. Easy as that!

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Share The Love

Two easy projects to create a warming environment in your home.
Take what you need! Spray glue fabric and scrapbook paper to create the sign then glue string with mini-close pins to hang your virtues.
I love you because…. Simply create the design on whatever platform you prefer, print and frame. I glues on a few fabric flowers for an extra touch.

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Take a look at my Pinterest board to suggest more projects!