It’s all in the Details

So I’m a party planner by nature. I always look at the big picture but really love the details and how it can really bring out the real personality of a couple. So I had to share some of my wedding details with you.

Starting with the girls look: I gave them complete control of whatever they wanted to do with their hair and they picked awesome looks. Here are just a few.



The accessories: each girl got a pair of champagne colored earrings to match their selected shoes. They also each received a silver orchid necklace. Each one had similar elements but were different. I wanted each girl to coordinate with one another while still being able to show off their own personalities.


Anna was the exception. She had no choice I forced her to wear my pretty healed shoes 😛



The venue: Black Bear Crossing was gorgeous as you saw in previous pictures but the landmark center does have a very awe inspiring look.


A look from the inside.


The Signs: These signs were placed in the girls bathroom, as well as a different version in the mens bathroom.


This sign was at the ceremony. The sign had two goals, to mix up the guests and to also keep people from stepping on the aisle runner.


Table numbers and escort cards designed by my very talented sister.



My pretty champagne glasses



The cake: The cake was extra special because it was made with love 🙂 by my mother-in-law. She did an amazing job, and it tasted just as good as it looks!

The flowers: I had the MOST amazing florist. Forever in Bloom  I would recommend her to anyone.




Memorial flowers for those who aren’t able to be with us.


She even lined the walkway with pedals.


Reception centerpieces. Everyone talked about how wonderful they looked.



The reception decor: Everything was exactly as I had imagined it.






My cute little basket from my hotel room. I had to take a photo when I got home because it still looked so beautiful!



Thank you to everyone who helped carry out my vision and make this a memorable day for Kyle and I!!! We love you all.

Wine Creations

Every Bride and Groom look for some way to make their wedding stand out, something that will make their wedding extra special and memorable for themselves and their guests. I’m no exception. As most of you know the details is what I thrive on and from what I hear the details are what makes each wedding memorable.

My Aunt Michelle has been talking about making wine for my wedding for years. Keep in mind I have not been engaged for years. 🙂  So it is something that has always been in the back of my mind. I only recently researched Wine Creations where she has gone with her friends to make her wine and it just made me that much more excited.

How you do it -> You pick what type of wine and flavors you want. They are then mixed there it an eight gallon pail and stored ( and taken care of) for the next 4-6 weeks depending on the type of wine that you choose. When you are ready to come to the winery  you bottle the wine yourself. The kits include the wine, bottle and custom-made labels to make the wine extra special.

So the most important question is, what kind of wine do I want to have???

Although I can’t tell you just yet what I plan to do with the wine please vote on which flavor you like.