Ceremony – Sneak Peek

DANG IT KATLYN, JESUS IS WAITING! is what Pastor David yelled to Katlyn as he entered the ladies bathroom to pray with us before the wedding. Pastor David always knows how to lighten the mood and I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else to marry us.


Praying in the ladies bathroom, my dad was there as well. 😛


Aaron playing guitar. He did an amazing job! I am so lucky I have such a great connection.


Mitchell and Dani getting ready to walk down the aisle together. They both “Called” each other to be partnered. Apparently this was emotional for Mitchell because it was the first and last time he would walk down the aisle with Dani, unless Katy’s husband has no friends – yup that was the exact wording.


Best flower girl and ring bearer EVER!



Getting ready to line up, typically that Katy is fixing me. Thats usually how it is.  Alli being as cute as a button as always.


My flowers and Maid and Matron of Honor were stunning!


The colors looks so pretty, everyone looked beautiful. Even with a basement backdrop.




As my dad and I are waiting to walk down the aisle and of course he looks at me and says ” lets take a photo together” So we snap a few self takens.



Here is is. To have and to hold. Doesn’t my hubby look cute.



Phew! We made it.


Secret confession- Kyle took my bouquet because 1. it was heavy and 2. to he could avoid hugging people. Didn’t work. 😛

This is probably one of my favorite photos.



Someones getting their sillies out…


Alli tuckered out. Being adorable is hard work.


Every bridal party has to have “that guy”. Dan we were so lucky to have you be “that guy”.


You would never guess they were twins.


Awww look at those smiles.


🙂 So cute.


Kenny and Justina.

Katy and Lisa – my amazing Maid and Matron of Honor


It was a wonderfully perfect ceremony.


Getting Ready – Sneak Peek

All of my favorite ladies stayed with me the night before the wedding. Which was such a wonderful experience. It just reminds you of the good old days of slumber parties….. but in a really fancy hotel. 🙂

I had the honor of spending my last single night cuddled up in my bed with Anna.  While the other girls were close by. Morning came and our room was ready to go! Anna, Lisa and Katlyn were all awake and ready to start the day. Katlyn played me this song that morning which just makes me laugh even now.

But it fit the mood of the day. I will say though that when I went to wake the rest of the ladies ( Justina, Dani, Laura and Lynnette) with their early morning gifts, pictured below, that room was a little less awake then mine. lol!  So this roaring to go Bride woke them up with gifts and hugs. While my mom I think got them more awake with muffins and coffee.


My faithful Maid of Honor blow drying my hair since I suck at doing my hair.


Off to the Salon Ultimo to get our hair done. They were awesome and had this cute message for me!


Almost ready!


My pretty ladies Justina and Anna.


My cousin courtney did everyones make-up and she did such an amazing job. It made my life so much less stressful and she was 10x better. Thank you so much Courtney!


Aren’t they beautiful?? Laura, Lynnette, Lisa, Dani and Anna.


Laura and Justina with their mimosas.


We are all ready and headed out to Black Bear Crossing.


Everyone is getting ready for the ceremony. Include our guitar player who just happens to be the husband of this beautiful lady. So freakin adorable. There baby girl is going to be gorgeous!


It was hard for me to let other people do all the set-up. But I had faith in my wonderful helpers. Who did an amazing job! Everything looked perfect and it helped make it a more relaxing day for everyone. Alex especially did such a fantastic job!!


Time to put our shoes on and get ready.


Kyle and Diane right before the ceremony started.


Snapped a few pre-wedding photos with my VERY soon-to-be hubby.


Ceremony time…..


Now that I’ve found the dress its time to accessorize! Now I realize it’s hard to pick jewelry for a dress that you haven’t seen but I have a general feel to the wedding that I would like everything to follow.

Timeless…. Romantic….. and Simple.

Here are a few of my favorites. Let me know what you think or feel free to suggest other options. As you can see Pearls are the plan 🙂

As the date is getting closer and closer I am getting so excited to start my married life off with one awesome party! 🙂